The designer thought over a story focusing on the image of RETROKIT through the space of the RETROKIT concept store in Hannam-dong, a hot place of Seoul, South korea and where the luxurious villas are clustered.

The space is filled with the structures about "grand" and concentrated in the argin divided by the structures.


The client asked to leave the natural elements (red bricks and granite canopies) rather than decorating the facade of the existing building anew, and wanted the designer to find a new way that focuses on the harmony between the interior and the exterior.

The designer put emphasis on the door, the beginning and the end of the Hannam store, and developed the design about "a fantasy in a wardrobe."


If the goal of the Seorae Store was to dismantle the “height,” it is to fill the “depth” for the Hannam Store. The store “thoroughly” deals with the brand and rientations selected carefully by RETROKIT.

"RETROKIT" inspired by RETROROCKET, is an eyewear concept store which took its motif from a variety of needs situated at their extremes such as various cultures, past and future, and reverse and advance.

The Hannam(South Korea, Seoul) store, newly planned in 2015, wanted to become a small but in-depth space taking another step towards "a concept store that can take a broad view and move creatively beyond the idea of EYE-WEAR = glasses or sunglasses" pursued by RETROKIT.

The client asked the designer to make the space of 27㎡ as a place that can communicate with ustomers and deliver an identity taking a break from concentration in selling.

The designer derived the subject throwing many questions in the process of the project and completed the “RETROKIT Hannam Store” which coordinated the interpretations between the client and the designer.

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Mar. 2015


36, Hannam-daero 20-gil

build area
27 ㎡

Eyewear Shop
lead designer
Yonghwan Shin

Sungwon Park