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RETROKIT CROSS 는 도메스틱 아이웨어와 의류, 가방등 보다 좋은 개인 브랜드를 알리고싶은 욕구에서 시작된 팝업스토어이다. 디자이너는 베를린 장벽에서 냉전 시대에 사망한 사람들을 기념하기 위한 Weiße Kreuze 과 비틀즈의 Yellower submarine 에서의 영감을 바탕으로 공간을 완성하였다.
The brand is a pop-up store designed to promote domestic eyewear, clothing and bags, along with a better brand of individual. The space was built on Weiße Kreuze to honor the people who died on the Berlin Wall during the Cold War and inspiration from Beatles song of Yellow submarine.


Designer : Yong-hwan Shin
Project manager : Seongwon Park
Photo : NBDC

Address : Alver 34, Gangnam-daero 102-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Floor area : 37m2
Use : Select Store
Completion : 2015


Awards :
Korea Design Awards 2015 [Nomination]

Magazines :
월간디자인 december, 2015
dezeen september, 2015
LYF 13
INTERIORS july, 2015
domus june 2015
retail design blog june, 2015