pied 는 70년대 지어진 2가구의 주거공간을 하나로 합치며 디저트 카페로 변화시킨 프로젝트이다. 디자이너는 한산한 주택가 골목에 활기를 더할 수 있도록 닫혀있던 벽을 빼내고, 지역의 문화를 포용할 수 있도록 요구들을 공간에 채우며 완성하였다.
Pied is a project that has turned into a dessert cafe combining two residential spaces built in the 1970s into one. Designers removed closed walls to enhance the vitality of quiet residential alleys and filled the spaces with requests to embrace local culture.


Designer : Yong-Hwan Shin
Photo : NBDC

Address : 48, Itaewon-ro 54-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Floor area : 70m2
Use : Dessert Cafe
Completion : 2013

Client : pied

Magazines :
INTERIORS febuary, 2014
INTERNI & DECOR febuary, 2014
iw febuary, 2014
retail design blog january, 2014

Books :
Frame Publishers NIGHT FEVER 4 Hospitality Design september, 2014