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Painting chair 는 지역산업의 쇠락으로 비어진 공장건물과 창고에 예술가들이 모여들며 성장했던 뉴욕의 브루클린처럼 Ghetto 분위기 속 지극히 예술적인 작품이 공존하는 Mellower 프로젝트의 진행 과정에서 완성되었다.
Like Brooklyn, where grew up filling in empty warehouses and factories by young artists in the decline of the local industry. We completed it in the process of Mellower project the revival of the works of art in the midst of the ghetto mood.

Graphic : Hanna Park
Collaboration : Avarte
Photo : Inwoo Yeo

Year of design : 2017
Materials : Laminated birch plywood
Dimensions : 57.5 x60 x80(46)cm width xdepth xheight

Client : Mellower Korea