MVIO 는 취향공동체로 모인 사람들의 라이프스타일을 큐레이팅하며 나누는 공간으로, 머물고 싶은 공간 #MVIO 의 방향을 제시한다. 본 SI 방향은 Life Communicator, Interactive, On-demand 으로 시작되었으며 공간의 컨셉은 Exhibit, Clean & Simple, Rare 로 전개하였다.
MVIO is a space for sharing the lifestyle of people gathered in a favorite community, with directions to # MVIO wants to stay in. This SI direction started with Life Communicator, Interactive, On-demand, and the concept of space was developed into Exhibit, Clean & Simple, and Rare.

Designer : Yong-hwan Shin
Project Manager : Hajung Park, Myeonggeun Park
Construction : Seongwon Park
indoor gardening : Slow Pharmacy
Photo : NBDC

Floor Area : 155.7m2
Use : Fashion Store
Completion : 2016

Client : SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Division