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Joinus stool 은 실수로 깨진 오브제를 복구하기 위한 과정에서 영감을 얻었다. 균열간 부위를 완전히 메우기보다 있는 그대로를 어떻게 받아들여야 할지에 대한 고민은 계획되지 않은 불완전함의 미학을 표현한다.
I was inspired by the process of restoring broken objects by mistake. Expressed aesthetics about incomplete things through the extent to which the crack is accepted raw one rather than fully filling the area.


Designer : Yong-hwan Shin
Photo : Jongseon Lee

Year of design : 2017
Materials : Titanium gold Mirror, Velvet
Colour : Peach, Gold mirror
Dimensions : low  98 x40 x45 cm width xdepth xheight
                      high 83 x40 x70(45) cm width xdepth xheight