Joinus stool x kelly park Studio

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균열간 부위에서 영감을 받은 ‘Joinus stool’ 이 kelly park Studio 의 ‘Dreamers’ 를 입었다. 이번 협업 프로젝트는 ‘표현’ 이라는 디자이너와 아트스트의 공통점을 놓고 서로간의 간극을 메울 수 있는 대상에 대한 실험이다.
Joinus stool, inspired by the crack, is wearing the Kelly Park Studio’s Dreamers. The collaboration project is an experiment filled up gaps between designers and Artist over their common points called expression.


Joinus stool object : Yong-hwan Shin
Dreamers drawing : kelly park Studio
Photo : Jongseon Lee

Year of design : 2018

Client : laheen gallery