Circle envelope

Circle 은 디자이너가 서류 제출시 불편했던 기억을 시작으로 제작된 A4 서류봉투이다. 매트블랙을 바탕으로 디자이너의 취향이 담긴 스페셜 컬러로 제작 되었다.
Circle is an A4 paper bag made from memories that designers felt uncomfortable submitting. It is based on Matt Black and is made in a special color that reflects the designer’s taste.


Designer : Yong-hwan Shin
Photo : NBDC

Year of design : 2014
Material : paper
Colour : Fluorescent orange, Bronze, Black
Dimensions : 33 x25(41.5) cm width xheight

Awards :
Hong Kong Design Centre  DFA 2015 Design for Asia Awards Silver

Magazine :
design milk febuary, 2015
메종 marie claire febuary, 2015