Blooming Beauty

“누구나 끝까지 동경하는 것이 있다면, 바로 여행일 것이다.” 블루밍 뷰티는 롯데면세점의 화장품 편집 매장이다. Blooming Beauty 의 디자인 컨셉은 ‘Beauty Journey’ 으로, 면세점이라는 입지의 특성을 활용한 단어이며, 여행의 과정에서 도출된 키워드를 바탕으로 공간을 계획하였다.
“If there is anything that everybody loves to the end, it will be a trip” Blooming Beauty is a cosmetic select shop at lotte duty free. The concept of store is “Beauty Journey” That is a term characterized as a duty-free shop, and space was planned based on keywords derived from the travel process.


Director : Yong-hwan Shin
Designer : Rita, Hanna Park
3D Visualization : Jinheung Choi

Scope of design : Lotte Duty Free Shop
Scope of area : Main 92m2
                         Coex Branch 75m2
Use : Cosmetics store
Completion : 2018

Client : Lotte Duty Free