The Infinite 
Aug. 2019

Mellower Korea

Sinchon store 

build area
145 ㎡

Cafe & Bakery
Yonghwan Shin

lead designer 

Hanna Park


The infinite is a road-type cafe in Mellower, an SI design that can be expanded by infinitely transforming according to entered place and location.

The Mellower the infinite, which was first store in peer, began by exploring the understanding and attraction of Sinchon and completed the Mellower the infinite x peer through the keyword 'young'.


We wanted Peer's different brands and Mellower the infinite to be consumed together, and we started the project with the concept of our old pavilion, built as a shelter and playground under a shade tree at the village entrance.

floor, elevation, ceiling

On a floor plan, the Mellower the infinite is located at the innermost part of the select shop, where a 900-millimeter-high stepped unit is formed due to the building's parking slope.  

In order to break the boundaries of Peer's different brands, we can display a collaborative product between the brands in our Mellower the infinite neighborhood. And a stairway that can sit down to rest was designed to attract interest and breathing, and the Mellower the infinite, which is placed on top, features floor grids and walls connected and supported to each other, shape to climbing the hill.  

On the wall of Mellower the infinite, based on the inspiration from the old building, where the old pieces added by the mending came together to create a new look, the role of Coffee Bar and Bakery Kitchen and the pieces of different materials were mixed together. A long eaves were placed on the ceiling to give meaning as a small shelter under the shade.  

The space past the mellower the infinite is used as a clothing warehouse. It is a space specialized to enjoy the original taste of Mellower along with the rest of Peer as well as the hidden space for relaxation.

colour, identity

Mellower the infinite, which is derived in the direction of generation sharing (Generation Y and Z), is a new hot spot among more than 70 different fashion brands.

This is a space where Mellower can be read anew by spreading the color of the brand into space through the properties of various materials to emphasize the young Mellower. In addition, it completed the project by working on a branding interpreted as space.

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