avouavou is a women's apparel brand with its own color of Modern coutureon the boundaries of RTW and Haute couture.

We started system integration by talking about various topics to find out how to express their values in space.

Because of its local characteristics of Myeongdong and its central of department store, the layout could be limited.

Our team's first draft is to place the curation look at the front of the store so customers can focus on the brand's colors.
However, we decided to change stance as we had difficulty arranging opinions inside the department store.

The second draft, with consideration about how to fill the brand's unique characteristics along with the sales.
The concept of the collection was expressed in furnishings and the brand was completed with wit.

‘Sweet temptation’
Taeryeong Byeon

The work is completed when Eve, the first woman in the Garden of Eden, appears as a mirror.

Eve is attracted to the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and Adam is tempted by Eve to describe a human who can not resist sweet temptation.

Theme and sketch that add pleasant imagination of budding artist to Haute couture that put fashion into art are launched. And filled the fitting room with it to add depth to the space.

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Lotte Main Store
Nov. 2017


Main store

build area
34 ㎡

Fashion Shop
lead designer
Yonghwan Shin

Myeonggeun Park
Keunwoo Park